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This is one of the newest and significant extension of DeskbarStudio platform.

Toolbar Server offers a new, dynamic and effective way to send messages and important information from your server directly to the user's desktop to better grab the reader's attention.

With Toolbar Server you can send :

  • Alerts
  • Urgent Alerts
  • Scheduled Alerts
  • Personal, Group or Broadcast messages
  • SMS
  • RSS news
  • Documents and links
  • Flash, PDF and Videos
  • View Toolbar Statistics and Who is Online

As a solution designed specifically to deliver one-way, eye-catching desktop alerts that cannot be skipped, ignored, or saved for "later," Toolbar Server offers many advantages over other popular methods of communication as follows:.
server panel

It's possible to contact everyone, instantly
Toolbar Server offers the only instant-contact, mass-communication method to send Broadcast, Personal or Group messages.

RSS channels
In addition , Toolbar Server also provides an ability to subscribe users to external RSS feeds. You can subscribe all users, groups of users, or specific users.

The message is captivating and exciting
Toolbar Server messages can be formatted with very different looks, and can include links, videos, presentations, sounds and graphics to make them more attention-grabbing.

Users do not need to be logged in to receive messages
Email, RSS feeds, and the intranet require the user to make a conscious decision to log on and check for information. Toolbar Server reaches every desktop.

-toolbar server

The message finds them - not the other way around
Toolbar Server messages automatically pop up on top of the computer screen. There is no user action required.

Users must acknowledge and engage with the message
Email messages, RSS, voicemail, and IM notifications can become overwhelming, and can be easily ignored, meaning that the information becomes lost or outdated before the user has a chance to read it. With Toolbar Server, the user cannot skip, ignore, or save the message for later.

Save bandwidth and track documents more easily
Toolbar Server has the ability to send a document link, while storing the actual document on the server. This requires less bandwidth and allows for easier document tracking.

100% guaranteed delivery with message and user tracking
With RSS, email, IM, voicemail, and the intranet there is no way to tell if the user has actually received the information or not. With Toolbar Server's 100% guaranteed delivery and central database storage, you can be sure that everyone received the message, and track and store messages and responses for easy reference and reporting.

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