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Toolbar Statistics yes yes yes
Alerts   yes yes
SMS add-on   yes
Surveys add-on   yes
Extended statistics add-on   yes
Encryption add-on   yes
Price $900 $1'900 $2'900


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TOOLBAR STATISTICS provides server-side Statistics package to count the number of Desklbar installations/ uninstallations/ the number of searches from your own search box of the Deskbar.

ALERTS ability to send instant messages to the toolbars/desktop.

SMS allows you send messages to mobile devices, enabling you to reach users even when they are out of the office. This feature is especially useful for emergency alerts.

SURVEYS allow you create and send an instant survey. Surveys can be created within seconds and deliver results within minutes. It's the fastest way to get feedback from your users.

EXTENDED STATISTICS by dates. You can get results by users, alerts, or surveys, and check to see who did't received alerts, Deskbar installations.


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