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Deskbar is a strip of buttons with custom functionality and links.
Deskbar works in 2 modes, it FLOATS and DOCKS . In dock mode Deskbar placed right near the system clock in the Windows taskbar:

deskbar example

Custom Deskbar allows your users to:

  • Access website faster
  • Search the web
  • Display news from your site right on the desktop
  • Get real-time e-mail count
  • Play music
  • Listen to radio station, and much more...

Deskbar allows sending alerts right to the users desktop. You may deliver to desktop:

  • Text
  • Images
  • Videos
  • Flash


Deskbar + Toolbar Server provide complete solution for advanced alert messaging software. It also allows sending SMS and instantly survey your users. Learn more

Example  Example

AOL DeskBar

AOL deskbar example

Deskbar Features:

  • AOL services easy access
  • Real-time mail count
  • AOL e-mail check
  • Quick access to Maps, Weather,Yellow Pages, White Pages, Stock Quotes, Movie Show Times and other Info
  • Search featuring desktop Smartbox
  • Web search from MS Windows desktop
  • Auto-complete search words
  • Enable search history
  • Run search when search history item is selected
  • Deskbar automatic update
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