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Why Desktop Alerts matters?

While you would like to make sure that your messages are viewed, important e-mails go to junk mail and web visitors hesitate to sign up for email newsletters. If you ask why, consider this. According to the 2006 Nielsen report on Email Newsletter Usability:

  1. Only 19% of the newsletters are thoroughly read
  2. 69% of the newsletters are only skimmed for bullet points
  3. Users experience high irritation with e-mail overload.
  4. Spam filter use of has increased.

Replacing e-mail, newest communication channels breakthrough to the desktop to regain user attention.

Alert window on desktop

Deskbar + Toolbar Server Software provides complete solution for advanced alert messaging software, allowing you to send alerts. Desktop alerts establish live connection to the audience far better then e-mail and RSS.

More visitors download desktop alerts from websites to eavesdrop on world news and events from their desktop. No longer pressured to give out their e-mail address, users feel safe from spam and viruses. Moreover, users personally link to content providers by downloading desktop clients.

Many pc users don't have the time to search the internet for the news. Workplace policy frequently prohibits work time browsing. Users come feel that they're missing out on latest world events and turn on alerts.

Toolbar Server Software delivers messages right to the desktop. Web marketing, media, business, IT companies and government employ alert technology. Alerts deliver breaking news, finance, technology, security information and give due urgency to in-house communications.

No Spam

Alert marketing supersedes email marketing with guaranteed visibility and response. Desktop Alerts will never associate your company name with spam.

Toolbar Server Software allows creating messages that work. It is gaining in popularity because:

  1. Your message is delivered instantaneously
  2. No spam filters, no junk folders, no delivery errors
  3. You can be sure the users see your message
  4. You get statistics on actual users, views, clicks
  5. Statistics shows if your message is not viewed

Periodicity makes alerts interesting to media companies who expect to send multiple communications in a day. Content creators leverage the new technology for opening individual broadcasting channels.

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